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EKU Danville Faculty Guidelines

 We are pleased to have you teaching with us! To help answer your questions and to emphasize University guidelines, we provide the following information as you begin your semester with us.

ABSENCE FROM CLASS     If you need to be absent, University policy requires that you try to get a colleague to cover your class. If the absence is due to illness, you should also turn in a sick leave request on EKU Direct. 

 BUILDING HOURS     Our facility is open from

  • 8:00 a.m. to 9:45 p.m. Monday through Thursday,
  • 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Fridays, and
  • Varying hours on the Saturdays on which classes are scheduled. Unless otherwise noted on our entrance, we operate on the same holiday schedule as the EKU Richmond Campus.

CANCELLATIONS   If you need to cancel a class, you should inform the following offices:

  1. Your academic department chair on the EKU Richmond Campus,
  2. Our staff at the front Help Desk, so they can assist your students if they have questions, and
  3. Your students via the BlackBoard system or email. Please do not contact students directly about cancellations until after your department chair has approved it.

If EKU Richmond cancels classes due to inclement weather, we will also be closed. If weather conditions in our immediate service area become dangerous, the EKU Danville Campus may also close occasionally due to local road conditions. [Please also see “Emergency Messaging” below.]

CLASSROOM DESK ARRANGEMENT   Because our faculty members must share the 17 classrooms that we have at our campus, we ask that you have your students put the classroom desks and chairs back into the original classroom configuration if you choose to have them re-arrange the desks to work in groups. It is much simpler for several students to take care of this instead of one instructor or one custodian. [Thank you!]

CLASSROOMS  We have 17 classrooms at EKU Danville:

  • A Hallway—3 Classrooms: A-1 is a 24-seat computer lab; A-2 is our Science lab, and A-3 is a small traditional classroom.
  • B Hallway—5 Classrooms:  B-1 is a 24-seat computer lab; B-2, B-3, and B-5 are traditional classrooms that seat up to 40. B-4 is the American Sign Language Lab.
  • C Hallway—2 Classrooms: The C hallway included two classrooms with tables and chairs on wheels, so the rooms can be easily arranged to fit special classroom needs.
  • Media Center:  Seats up to 28. This room is often scheduled for large classes and student events. Its large projection screen makes it ideal for film classes.
  • Resource Room:  This room is kept unscheduled and open to all students and faculty, so they can use its 13 computers if they need to do research or write a paper. 
  • E-Presence Rooms—5 Classrooms:  These rooms are booked well in advance each semester; we offer upper-division and low-enrollment courses in this format.

Additional study and reading areas are located in our front lobby.  Because we are always short on classroom space in the evenings, it is difficult to change classroom assignments after the beginning of the semester.  But if you have a problem with the room to which you are assigned, please check with our staff in the front lobby, and they will try to assist you.

CLASSROOM SUPPLIES  If you need supplies such as dry erase markers or paper, please ask our front desk Help Staff. If you need blue books or scantron sheets, please contact your department secretary on the EKU Richmond Campus.

COMPUTERS     Internet-connected computers are available for faculty use in

  • Rooms B-1 and A-1 any time there is not a class in session,
  • Resource Room at the end of Hallway A, and
  • Room 107 in the B hallway, the adjunct faculty office

All of our computer labs are connected to the EKU network and are subject to the same guidelines. The printers at EKU Danville are available for classroom use only.

If you need to schedule the use of a computer lab, please let the staff at the front desk know, and they will reserve it for you or your class.

DRINKS IN THE CLASSROOMS   Because we have carpet in many classrooms, we request that you and your students NOT drink in these rooms.  

Coffee or cola stains literally leave a lasting impression on the carpet and on upholstered chairs, so please, when students ask you if it is okay for them to drink or eat during class, tell them no.   Water is allowed if there is a cap on the bottle.

EMERGENCY CONTACT SHEET We have placed an “Emergency Contact Sheet” in your mailbox.  Please take a few minutes to fill it out for us.  We keep this information in a file with your syllabus and class roster and use the information only in case we need to contact your family or doctor.  If you do NOT want us to give out a home or work number to your students, please indicate that on the sheet and our staff will honor your request.

EMERGENCY MESSAGING  EKU has made available the RAVE emergency messaging system to our regional campuses. This system will alert all of our faculty, staff, and students if there are delays, cancellations, or emergencies at our regional campuses. But you must register via EKU Direct to receive these messages.

 To register for this free service,  

  1. Go to EKU Direct and log on.
  2. Click “Main Menu.”
  3. Click on the first item, which is “RAVE Messaging.”
  4. From there, follow directions to sign up.
  5. Be SURE to highlight that you want the EKU Danville messages.
  6. You will also automatically receive the EKU Richmond messages.

 Each emergency message will be 

  • Sent to your email,
  • Texted to your cell phone, and
  • Called into your phone.

 Remember: You must register via EKU Direct to receive these messages.

  FACULTY HANDBOOK  The full Faculty Handbook is available online at:


 THE FIRST CLASS   Every class—including the first one—should meet for the entire class period. Our students are adults, many of whom have paid dearly to attend our classes. So they are smart consumers and are acutely aware of—and vocal about—lost instructional time.

Classroom contact hours are also very important to ensure that EKU is in compliance with SACS, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, which is EKU’s accrediting agency. 

FOOD IN THE CLASSROOMS   Students and instructors should not bring food into the classrooms or computer labs. A small student lounge in the back hallway is open for students and faculty who want to have a cola or coffee or eat during breaks or before class.  There is also a refrigerator where students and faculty can store bagged lunches.  

Help us enforce these building rules:

• No food in any classrooms.

• No drinks in any computer lab.

• Non-registered students not allowed in any classrooms, computer rooms, or lounge.


 FORMS    The most commonly used faculty forms are listed below:

  • Change of Grade
  • Incomplete Grade Contract
  • Request to Be Absent from the University
  • Travel Reimbursement Forms

  These and other forms are also available from the “A to Z Index” on Eastern’s homepage:  under “Forms.”

INCLEMENT WEATHER SCHEDULE The inclement weather schedule for EKU Danville is posted at under “Regional Campus Inclement Weather Schedule” on the top menu bar.   

LAPTOPS    Now that all faculty members have access to their own university-issued laptops, EKU’s Information Technology Department no longer maintains a laptop in each classroom. So the expectation is that faculty will bring their own laptops to class for instructional purposes. If you need to acquire a faculty laptop, please contact Margaret Lane at the EKU Computer Help Desk in Richmond at 622-3000. 

LIBRARY MATERIALS   We have a very small Resource Area in our front lobby, which contains some non-circulating reference books and encyclopedias. But ALL of our computers give you and your students electronic access to EKU’s Main Library and over 2,500 journals and magazines. You can check out books and retrieve journal articles and government documents electronically from our campus. If you need assistance, just ask our staff or contact our Regional Campus Librarian—Brad Marcum—at the EKU Library.

 Our campus courier will deliver the requested books or materials to our Campus every Tuesday and Thursday within a few days of your request. You can also place reserve readings on an electronic system called E-Reserve, so your students can access them from any Internet-connected computer.


You have a designated mailbox posted alphabetically by class.  Please fill out the paperwork in your box and return to our front Help Desk staff.

  • Emergency Contact Sheet
  • Class Registration Record for this semester

 Only staff and faculty are allowed in this work room, so your messages and student work should be secure. Students may leave work for you with our front office staff, and they will deliver that work to your mailbox.


To help ensure the safety of our students and to offer a distraction-free classroom environment, we allow only registered students in our classrooms, computer labs, and lounge.

 Non-registered students, children, pets, and other visitors are not allowed in these areas unless they are invited here for an educational presentation or social activity by the staff of the Danville Campus. So we ask you as faculty members to request that any non-registered students and those who may have brought children to leave your class. I and my staff will assist you if you feel uncomfortable asking someone to leave.

 All visitors who HAVE been invited into the facility by our staff will need to sign in at the front desk and be accompanied by a faculty or staff member. A complete copy of this EKU Danville policy is posted in the EKU Danville Faculty Workroom and is on file at the EKU University Counsel’s Office in Richmond.

 OFFICE HOURS   EKU expects all part-time and full-time faculty members to keep at least one hour per week of office hours for each class section taught. You are welcome to use Adjunct Faculty Office in Room 107 in the B hallway to meet with students. At the very least, you can add to your syllabus the phrase: “Office hours arranged by appointment.” to try to accommodate student requests in this manner. You may also meet with students by arriving to your classroom an hour early or staying an hour later. The Adjunct Faculty Office is available for your use any time we are open.

 OFFICE SPACE        We do not have office space for individual faculty members at our campus. But we do have an open Adjunct Faculty Office with an Internet-connected computer and phone for your use. So please feel free to use this space. Please ask our front desk staff for a key.

 PARKING      Ample, well-lighted parking is available in the front parking lot at EKU Danville. No parking permits are required to park in this area, as it is a public lot. Entry to the building is through the front door only.  

 PHONES   We have a WATS line to the EKU Richmond Campus if you need to call any EKU Richmond office, for example, to your academic department or to Human Resources. We also have a Sorenson Video Relay Service (VRS) telephone in our lobby if you need to place a call to a Deaf student. Please ask for assistance at our front Help Desk.

Our front office phone

number is



 PHOTOCOPIER     A photocopier is available for your classroom preparation and handouts in the Faculty Work Room. The copier is for EKU classroom use only. 

PROJECTORS     A ceiling-mounted projector and a pull-down screen are available in every classroom at EKU Danville.

 RESERVE READINGS/ MATERIALS   If you wish to have our Regional Campus Librarian—Brad Marcum—place library books on reserve for your EKU Danville class, this can easily be arranged. An electronic system called E-Reserve is available for this purpose.

STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS   At EKU Danville we try to provide students with opportunities to develop leaderships skills and to participate in multicultural events and trips. There are currently three registered student organizations (RSOs) at our campus.

 *    The EKU Danville Student Government Association (SGA) is part of the larger Student Government Association of EKU. We have local officers who assist in offering Food for Finals every semester and in some social activities. They also have established an endowed scholarship in cooperation with Bucks for Brains that is now large enough to offer annual scholarships to several EKU Danville students.

 *    The EKU Cultural Club started in 2006 to encourage multicultural understanding through the arts and travel. This group is largely responsible for organizing our student trips and events. Membership is also open to EKU staff and faculty. This is an enthusiastic, active group with monthly speakers and lots of opportunities for service.

  *   The EKU Genealogy Club started in 2013 to help EKU Danville students, faculty, and staff research and document their family history. Activities include presentations by library archivists, professional genealogists, and club members; trips to research in library archives and government records collections; and travel to genealogy conferences or other relevant historical/genealogy sites. The club is also interested in participating in a cemetery preservation project.

STUDENT SUCCESS SEMINARS    Each semester we are able to offer free workshops via the GURUS on our EKU Richmond Campus. These are designed to help improve student success and encourage their integration into academic life.  We encourage you to consider granting extra credit for student attendance at these presentations. Please contact Cindy Peck at if you are interested in having your students attend.

SYLLABUS       For information on what should be listed on a complete syllabus, please see page 36 of the Full-Time Faculty Handbook online. Then click on Policy4.1 4P:

Bring the syllabus with you to distribute at the first class meeting.  In particular, please place on your syllabus and announce in class when you will be available for office hours at EKU Danville.  Please remember to turn in one copy of your final syllabus to the staff at the front desk. 

SUPPLIES  Please check with our front desk staff if you need classroom supplies such as

  • dry erase markers and
  • computer paper 

If you need blue books, grade books, or scantron sheets, please call your department secretary on the EKU Richmond Campus. 


  • A good start is important. Keep students the entire length of the first class meeting.  Do something substantive to show them that you care about the quality of their learning.
  •  Textbooks. Most students will have textbooks for the first class meeting, but some will not. So bring a short, interactive assignment with you for the first class.
  •  Bring a complete syllabus for students the first class meeting; also give one copy to our front desk staff, and email one to your department secretary. Having a complete syllabus the first class meeting establishes you as the class leader/facilitator and helps you set down your expectations not only for assignments but also for classroom behavior. We like to have a copy of your syllabus to keep at the front desk to save you lots of phone calls and emails from students who have lost theirs. 
  • Clearly state your grading plan for the semester. Go ahead and assign the total number of points possible and the range of points students will need for an A, a B, etc. For writing assignments, consider weighting later assignments more heavily than early assignments, emphasizing that your expectations for writing quality will increase over the semester. 
  • Communicate high expectations of your students. DO hold the students to reasonable standards and demand that students meet them. Most students will rise to meet your expectations. Don’t sell them short. 
  • Be prepared to teach when you show up for class. About 90 percent of the complaints we get from students about instructors are related to absences and lack of teacher preparation:
  • Not being prepared to lecture in an organized way that facilitates note-taking (Students DO recognize when instructors are not prepared).
  • Not commenting fully enough on students’ written assignments, or
  • Just not showing up. 
  • Provide prompt feedback on student assignments and quizzes/tests. Return all graded assignments the next class period if at all possible. 
  • Vary your class presentations. Most of us probably lecture too much. Especially if you are teaching one time a week for 2 hours and 45 minutes, please consider breaking up your class in some of these ways:
  • Lecture for only part of each class period and scatter that lecturing in between
  • Class discussion of readings,
  • Short student presentations on key terms or important historical events/people,
  • Brief writing assignments followed by
  • Collaborative peer reviews of that writing,
  • Short video clips of related issues such interviews, brief debate of a specific line of argument,
  • Quizzes to test comprehension.
  • Always try to communicate the 3 Cs:
  • Competence of your subject, emphasizing the acquisition of knowledge, critical thinking, and lifelong learning,
  • Compassion for students as learners as you respect the various ways in which they learn and the obstacles with which they may struggle, and
  • Conscience, as you model for students the importance of justice and fairness and a classroom that honors their cultural heritage.

VISITORS      Please see entry under “Non-Registered Students in the Classroom” above.





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